Mercatec Strategic Services

Marketing strategies

We provide support for designing a differential value proposition for your organisation:

  • Strategic and operational segmentation.
  • Deep knowledge of current and potential customer needs.
  • Positioning, brand image and branding studies.
  • Customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Pre and post tests for products, services, packaging, campaigns and communication elements.
  • Mix optimisation studies.

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Innovation strategies

We incorporate the vision of current and potential customers into your new designs, developments and possible product and/or service launches:

  • Detection of needs that generate business opportunities.
  • Incorporation of new services and new business models.
  • Concept tests or the testing of products or services for piloting launches.
  • Detecting the ideal moment for launching a product or service onto the market.
  • We help accelerate your time to market.

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Market strategies

We provide support for your market strategies, from start to finish, focusing specifically on key parameters:

  • Dimension and characterisation of markets.
  • Gauging the attractiveness of certain markets, in order to prioritise and plan actions.
  • Analysis of competitors and competitive positioning.
  • Internationalisation strategies.
  • Identification and selection of allies for each market: agents, distributors and other partners.

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